China – an amazing experience

Besides the history and the traditions, to us China was an explosion of flavors.

All the way long, your senses were tried at maximum intensity.

The trip to China was an unforgettable experience we would repeat anytime, but for a longer period of time, as China has always something to offer.

We passed through Beijing and Shanghai and we were very impressed by the gentleness and  the curiosity of the people we’ve met.

Beijing Hutongs

The Summer Palace in Beijing

And of course, we couldn’t miss The Great Wall. It was not easy to get to the top, as you can see by the warnings below, but we’ve made it 🙂

From Beijing to Shanghai we traveled by this fast speed train. At our return, there were no more tickets at this kind of train, so we spent 13 hours in a veeeery slow train. :))))) This experience really worth it, as we got the chance to travel with all kind of Chinese people.

View of Shanghai by night from the World Financial Center tower

We went to a little town close to Shanghai; we arrived on our own, without the help of any travel agency

Finally, we let you enjoy some pictures of Chinese people….

and of Chinese food…if you promise not to ask us what it is! :)))))))


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